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 (20 TEA BAG/box)

Specially formulated from Rooibos Tea and Ganoderma Lucidium. It is naturally caffeine free and rich in anti-oxidant agent to flight free radicals.

Ingredients : Ganoderma Lucidium and Rooibos Tea.

Ganoderma Lucidum is the scientific name for a species of Red Mushrooms and is said to be more powerful than Ginseng. Known as the "Miraculous King of Herbs", Ganoderma (also known as Lingzhi in China; Reishi in Japan and Youngchi in Korea) is listed as a Superior Herb in Sheng Nong's Pharmacopeia, an ancient Chinese Herbal Text dating back over 2,000 years.

Shipping                 : Pos Malaysia  
Price                         : Malaysia : RM19.50 + Shipping Cost : RM12.00
                                      Outside Malaysia : USD6.00 + 
                                      Shipping Cost : USD40.00

Payment Method : PayPal :
                                    * Email me,  if payment have 
                                       been made

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